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make flying easier than ever

About us

MXjet - about us

Where would you like to go? Just tell us and we will take care of everything. Our experience enables us to offer very high quality services anywhere in the world. We are able to fly to any place on Earth, including the hardest to reach destinations. We organize flights for heads of state, celebrities, corporate owners and partners, entrepreneurs and private individuals to over 190 countries around the world.

Each flight is treated individually and adjusted to ensure smooth travel while maintaining high efficiency, so customers can participate in more meetings at different locations within the shortest period of time.

MXjet’s fleet of business jets is available to customers with guaranteed availability and high quality services

MXjet’s ability to tailor our service to your individual needs is one-of-a-kind in this sector and it is the reason why we’ve earned the trust of many high-profile individuals and company executives.

MXjet gives you access to a fleet of aircraft around the globe, while paying only for the hours you need.

We are ready to fly to any of over 1,900 airports in 98% of the world's countries.

Our company provide a complete flight solution for business aviation.

We make flying a breeze.



MXjet - about us

Our services

The MXjet company offers a vast range of business aircraft services such as aircraft charter, aircraft sales, aircraft management and aircraft leasing for those who want a tailor-made, stress-free and highest quality travel experience. We also provide aircraft maintenance, training of aviation personnel and flight planning services. All these services are in place to give you the freedom and the peace of mind that you want.

Aircraft charter

Travelling with MXjet is the easiest, safest and most convenient experience you can imagine. An urgent client meeting on the other side of the world doesn’t need to be taxing or frustrating. Imagine this: you call our charter team any time, tell us what you want and how you want it, and we will provide it for you. Every element of transportation, catering, business and entertainment services, not only when flying, but even before and after you step foot on the jet.

Our ability to customize our offer is one-of-a-kind and allows us to match your requirements, destinations, flight duration and needs, from your travel budget to your individual preferences.

The MXjet charter team provides immediate response 24/7 to assist you in all of your travel needs.

Aircraft leasing

Aircraft leasing allows you to fly a private aircraft of your choice from our fleet for an agreed length of time, depending on your unique needs. What sets our service apart is the amount of value we provide. MXjet aircraft leasing includes all the services you would expect, including complete insurance, an experienced crew, VIP service and aircraft maintenance operations, as required.

Take full control over your private jet program and get access to the jet you want without the hassle.

MXjet aircraft leasing services include short or long term monthly and yearly turnkey programs available for all aircraft types, wet and dry lease.

Aircraft sales

We deliver quality aircraft worldwide. Our experienced team of worldwide aircraft scouts know where to look for the aircraft you want, while taking into consideration your specific budget and individual needs as a traveller.

We can prepare a bespoke report of aircraft that suit your criteria, as well as concrete recommendations for you to consider as you decide to buy your perfect jet.

Aircraft management

Are you looking to rent your aircraft or optimize your costs? The MXjet management team can help. With our knowledge and many years of experience, we can cater to your needs in many areas such as:

  • Ensuring all domestic and international permits for your flights
  • Arrangement of fuel operations, ground handling, individualized catering, and aircraft cleaning at each destination
  • Management and reduced prices for insurance packages, fuel and other additional services
  • Training organization and management for flight crew
  • Accountancy and monthly financial reports, and budget management services, including detailed breakdown of operational costs
  • Ground transportation planning and hotel reservation upon request

Aircraft maintenance

MXjet cooperates with a team of highly trained factory specialists, technicians and engineers authorized to perform best-in-class maintenance on Gulfstream and Bombardier business jet aircraft. The maintenance operation works under the auspices of Part-145 Approval.

Maintenance programs follow the strictest guidelines to make sure your aircraft are in mint condition, all year round.

Training of aviation personnel

MXjet offers the best-in-class, most advanced and respected training programs for Pilots and Cabin Hostesses who would like to provide world-class level service in their careers.

Our Pilot Training is made up of a program that combines innovative methodologies, knowledgeable instructors and advanced simulation technology according the highest standards in aviation. All training is performed using computer-based training tools, flight training devices and level C and D full-flight simulators.

For Cabin Hostesses we offer specifically developed world-class service essential training programs for the private jet market, that will help you to achieve your ambition. All of the programmes meet international regulatory requirements and include practical training.

Flight planning services

Focus on flying, leave the planning to us. Our experienced team provides you with the most complete and detailed flight planning services which are adapted to your flight needs and allow you to travel safely and with peace of mind.

The MXjet flight planning services include:

  • Graphical Route Planning
  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis of weather forecasts before and during the flight
  • Preparing NOTAM bulletins analysis
  • Preparing weight and balance calculations, take-off and landing performance optimization, ATC slots management, information about delays and itinerary changes when needed
  • Ground handling management: leave your ground transportation needs and catering preferences to us. We will plan your transportation according to your taste
  • Flight permissions arrangement: we will handle all the permissions required for you to get from point A to point B, such as airport slots and PPR
  • Crew Management: depending on individual needs, we can arrange and organize locations for a crew to do their work, whether that is in the air, on the ground, monitoring flight time or handling hotel accommodation

Reach out today to find out more about our services. Let us know your needs and requirements and we will be here for you, every step of the way. We will make flying easier than ever.